A richly-illustrated and beautifully-designed hard-cover production, interweaving images and narrative to capture and explore the remarkable spirit of Kokoda - the history, the people and the place. 

Patrick draws on his experience of many Track crossings, writing books and documentaries on the subject and his deep friendship with many of the Kokoda veterans to present readers with the next best thing to walking the Track itself.

Featuring never-before seen photographs taken during the campaign and a series of specially-shot images of the Track and the people who live along it,Kokoda Spirit takes readers on a journey of discovery to one of the world's last frontiers as they walk in the footsteps of the Diggers and Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels who fought along the Kokoda Track to preserve Australia's freedom.

"I wrote this book … to explore the spirit that sustained these men; to celebrate it; and to try to bring it to life in words and images. I had a vision for this book ... I wanted try to express the spirit of Kokoda equally in words and pictures. I wanted the result to be unique among the works dealing with the subject.

"And the team from Hardie Grant has turned that vision into reality. I’m delighted with the production." It’s dedicated to Stan and Phil and George and all the men of Kokoda … and it’s aimed at all those who have walked the Track, following in their footsteps, or all those who wish they could walk it.

"I hope it does them, and the spirit of Kokoda justice."